Cleaning up the yard can be overwhelming. There are so many tasks to complete it can be difficult to know where to begin. Old gardens have to be cleared, trees and shrubs have to be trimmed, and the earth has to be dug up and fed before new gardens can be planted. The lawn may need seeding in some areas, fallen branches may have to be hauled away, and borders may have to be weeded and re-established. The work can be done little by little and take weeks, or it can be completed all at once with help.

Companies that provide garden care, also do clean ups, odd jobs, and rubbish removal. A gardener perth, for example, can clean up the yard, remove all the clippings and weeds, and set up the lawn furniture in one visit. What would take homeowners at least two full weekends to accomplish can be done in one day. Free quotes are available so homeowners can compare costs before deciding on services. Renting equipment to prune back shrubs and trees, clear and till the soil in the gardens from last year, and spread seed on the lawn can get expensive. Then there is the cost of hauling the debris to the dump, and getting fertilizer and mulch. Add in the value of the time needed, and the cost of having all the work completed may be cheaper. It will certainly be more convenient.

That allows the family more time to enjoy the yard instead of cleaning it and tending to it. Once the clean up is done, customers can choose to plant gardens, weed and trim them, and mow the lawn each week themselves. Another option is to have gardens tended to, lawns mowed, and maintenance completed by professionals. Large companies, such as Jim’s Mowing, for example, provide many services at affordable pricing. After working hard all week, people should not have to spend the weekend working in the yard. The weekend is a time to enjoy the property, relax on the patio, and host barbecues for friends and neighbors.

Services, which are available for residential and commercial properties, include landscaping design, gardening, removal of small trees and shrubs, hedging and pruning, lawn mowing, odd jobs, gutter clearing, and rubbish removal. If there are large trees that need to be removed, the company can arrange for a tree specialist to handle that task. Quotes are available for one-time service, or continued maintenance for the whole season.